Rationale for Pupil Premium Expenditure

At the Knaphill Federation of Schools, we are committed to ensuring all children reach their full potential. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum and aim to provide high quality teaching along with robust analysis of pupils’ achievement.

The Pupil Premium is funding provided to schools which is additional to main school funding. It is allocated according to the number of pupils on-roll who are eligible for free school meals (FSM), a smaller amount allocated according to the number of children of service families, and an allocation for each pupil who has been ‘Looked After’ (in care) for 6 months or more.

From the financial year 2020-21, the Pupil Premium funding that schools receive will be protected at the current rates and is higher for Looked-after children (LAC). It is:

Pupil premium children: £1345 per primary pupil

Looked After Children: £2,345 per pupil

Service Children: £310 per pupil

Schools decide how the Pupil Premium money is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility. However, schools are accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families. We identify all pupils eligible for FSM to ensure we narrow any gaps and identify any barriers to learning. All children are closely monitored, and interventions are set up to meet individual needs.

To find out more please see the attached summary of how the Pupil Premium funding was used at the Knaphill Federation of Schools for 2019/2020 and the plans in place for this year’s funding.

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