Year 5

What happens in Year 5?

Year 5 is an exciting and challenging year for the children. In the upper school, they are expected to take a more mature and independent approach towards learning. To help develop their skills, children carry out individual research work each term for homework, linked to their Knowledge Organiser. Each term all of the children’s topic learning is focused around answering a question.

Near the end of Year 5, the children will meet their buddy from Year 2 and will take on a mentoring role to make them feel welcome and safe at the Junior School.

Many fun and exciting things happen in Year 5:

  • The children take part in a spaced theme day in the Autumn term and an Ancient Greek day in the Summer Term.
  • In the Autumn, the children have a workshop in a science dome and run a Macmillan Coffee morning, inviting parents and guardians to raise money together, as a school community.
  • In Spring, the children hold a Saving the Environment campaign.
  • During the Summer Term, the children have the opportunity to go on a residential trip to Hindleap Warren and they go to Winston Churchill Secondary School, to take part in a day of sporting activities.

Day by Day Guide

Children need their homework diaries, a book, pencil cases and a water bottle in school every day.

All children have swimming lessons in the Summer Term and will need their swimming kit on their day. This will be confirmed before the Summer Term 2022.



Children are expected to read at least three times a week and record the pages/ chapters of the book in their Homework Diary. These may be banded books from school or Bug Club; or if your child is a free reader, any suitable book of their choice. Every week spellings are set, following a spelling rule or sound. These are given out on a Tuesday and tested on a Monday.


Each week maths homework is set using Mathletics or sometimes an alternative online application or website. This is set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday. Times Tables Rock Stars is an online game that we use to help children learn and practise their times tables. This should be regularly used.


Each term, children’s topic work is based around a question, which is answered at the end of the term. In the Autumn Term this is ‘Other than Earth, where could humans live?’; in the Spring Term ‘Which causes the most damage to our planet, humans or natural disasters?’ and in the Summer Term ‘What legacy did the Ancient Greeks leave behind?’.

Information and vocabulary for each topic is summarised in a Knowledge Organiser, a copy of these are uploaded to Google Classroom and the children are given a copy for their Topic books, at school. Children are expected to choose one part from the ‘What will I know by the end of the Topic’ section, for independent research. The research can be presented as a PowerPoint; an information leaflet; a poster or in another creative way, then on a set date, uploaded onto Google Classroom so that it can support them answering their Topic question at the end of the term.

Letters & Information


On the days the children have PE, they will need to come to school dressed in their PE kits.

  • 5F – Monday and Thursday
  • 5G – Thursday and Friday
  • 5L – Thursday and Friday