Our School Uniform

All children must wear school uniform which creates a positive image for the School.  We believe this shared identify gives children a sense of belonging and helps them to take pride in the school and in their appearance.

Jumpers, cardigans and fleeces with the school logo are available to buy from Valentino Schoolwear in Knaphill. PE t-shirts and shorts are also available. PE kits should be in school every day and kept in a drawstring bag.

Please ensure all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. We are unable to accept liability for lost clothes, but if they are named we will do our best to trace them.

School Uniform

  • White shirt/ polo shirt or blouse
  • Grey trousers, shorts, skirt, tunic or culottes
  • Bottle green joggers (Nursery and Reception only)
  • Bottle green cardigan or sweatshirt (with Federation Logo)
  • OPTIONAL Bottle green fleece jacket, showerproof (with Federation Logo)
  • Grey, or white plain socks, grey or green tights
  • Summer dress – green and white checked
  • School Cap
  • Book Bag with School Logo (Years R – Year 2)
  • Sensible footwear – flat, closed toe black shoes with buckles / laces / velcro (no heels, boots or trainers)
  • Outerwear to suit weather conditions

PE Kit

Knaphill Lower School

(Reception, Years 1 and 2)

Indoor – Games, Gymnastics and Dance

  • Green Shorts
  • White T-shirt
  • Trainers (velcro fastening if your child is unable to tie laces independently)
  • Reception children: Please provide Reception children with a change of underwear, which can be kept in their PE bag.

Knaphill School

(Years 3,4,5 and 6)

Indoor – Games, Gymnastics and Dance

  • Green Shorts
  • White T-shirt
  • Trainers with laces or velcro (if your child is unable to tie laces independently)
  • Swimming (Years 5 and 6) a named costume and a towel in a swimming bag. All children need to wear a one piece costume and swimming cap. Powder, gel and creams for medical reasons only. (Please provide a note to the Class Teacher)

Outdoor Games

(As above, but warmer and more substantial clothing for winter is recommended)

  • Long socks
  • Trainers
  • Jogging suits or sweatshirts.

Please note: Joggers and sweatshirts should be in the school colours only.


Children must not wear jewellery at school as it represents a safety hazard in PE not only to the wearer but also to others.  Children who have pierced ears may wear small ear studs only and these must be removed on PE or swimming days. No looped or fancy earrings may be worn at any time in school.  As keepers cannot be removed for six weeks, this means children cannot take part in PE during this time – for this reason ear piercing must be carried out at the start of the summer holiday.

Watches may be worn by children in Years 2 – 6 but the School cannot be responsible for loss or damage.  The watch must be named and be entirely the responsibility of the owner.


If longer than collar length, hair should be fully tied back with a suitable neutral band or head band (or ones in the dark green school colour). Children should not have hairstyles fitting the following description:

  • Lines shaved into the hair
  • Patterns shaved into the hair
  • Hairstyles which are considered extreme. This includes hairstyles where the sides are much shorter than the top, Mohican/mohawks, tramlines, cuts shorter than a grade 3, hair colour or the use of excessive hair gel

Art/Craft Tops

Please provide your child with a named apron. A large adult shirt with long sleeves is recommended as it protects school uniform the best.